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What's The Best Place To Farm Gold In Guild Wars 2?

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In guild wars 2 ,gold could be acquired through online buying and selling because the purchase online making use of your own silver gems and trade gold or the other way around.It can also be abtained by farming gold from the good places.What's the best place to farm gold in guild wars 2 ?

You can go to enemy borderland. Wait for green to attack blue's southern tower (vice versa and all that). Set a ballista on the mid south island. Have a few friends guarding the bridge. Farm the players who are oblivious to you. Me and 1 guy managed to do this for a solid ten minutes before Mostly Harmless showed up and we joined them to annihilate everybody xD . We got quite a few badges out of it.

Though the parameters don't have to be so specific the point is find a constantly contested area and man a siege engine. Make sure people can keep you safe if you're not behind walls. They get rewarded too if they pull people to you and damage them a little.

ArenaNet will allow players to trade gold and gems. That means if you use real money to purchase gems, you can then sell the gems to other players for in-game gold. Alternatively, if you don't want to spend real dollars, you can save up enough gold to buy gems from other players through Guild Wars 2's Trading Post.

You're gonna have those people focusing on objectives the entire time they are in WvW, and then there will be the people who are just gonna farm levels whether it be in PvE or WvW, and when they do come out to PvP, 20,30,40 levels above everyone else,  its just gonna be easy pickings.  This advantage isn't as big as it is in other MMOs where you just one shot lowbies, but the advantages from gear stats and traits, skill slots, elites, are very noticable.

Farming guild wars 2 gold from the best places can help you get rich fast in game. But it takes time to find the best places and requires you to be at considerable level. So if you hesitate to farm gold in game and prefer to buy guild wars 2 gold online, might be your best site to enjoy buying gw2 gold safely all the time.
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