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What's The Best Class In Guild Wars 2 ?

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In guild wars 2, there are 8 classes for you to choose. However,none of the classes are designated to have a specific role. In other words, there are no tanks and there are no healers. All classes have at least one method of maintaining their own health with enough guild wars 2 gold. What's the best class in guild wars 2 ?

It will be quite difficult to pick a "best" class for anything. ArenaNet is doing a great job designing it so every class has multiple uses depending weapons/skills/traits, etc. If you read the second part of the interview on GW2Hub main page, Jon Peters talks about interesting builds like the haste-rezzing thief that not even the developers anticipated but was playing a crucial role in PvP. I think if you pick the class that you best enjoy (mechanics, story, look, etc.) you will be able to find a combination of weapons and skills to excel at PvP.

The two easiest to figure out and play well are the Warrior and Elementalist classes. While having plenty of subtleties and a huge number of variations in 'builds', the basic tactics for both of these is relatively straightforward.

Rangers, Necromancers and Dervishes are a bit harder to master, but not extremely so. Monks, Mesmers, Ritualists and Paragons are pretty subtle and not straightforward at all, and do not suit a lot of players because their best effects are rather 'behind the scenes' and its sometimes hard to tell how much effect you're having.

Warriors generate Adrenaline with each attack they make. There are three phases to the adrenaline meter, with each phase adding more damage to the warrior’s attack than the last. Adrenaline can be used to trigger burst skills, which can deal extra damage or trigger special effects based on how much adrenaline the warrior has.

Assassin is the hardest class to play, and the one most commonly found being played poorly . This class relies on linked skill sequences, and also needs to move around a lot during combat. Many players seem unable to grasp the tactics needed to play this class effectively. However, when played well this class, like any of the others, can be really successful!

Really, there is NO "best" character class. It really depends on your personal style of gaming and perhaps even your mood of the moment for which class is most fun. Of course, there's still easiest to play class if you don't know much about the game.If you'd like to find more guild wars 2 guide or buy cheap guild wars 2 gold news, feel free to check it out at
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