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What's The Best Profession For Monk In Mists Of Panaria

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Choosing a right profession will bring more fun to players, what's the best profession for Monk in Mists of Panaria? Choosing a profession used to be pretty difficult, but thanks to normalization of the various trade skills it isn't that hard any more. You get about the same bonus with any non-gathering profession; they just come in different varieties and tiers. So the first major stat reward comes at level 70 and at each expansion thereafter.

The itemization values for secondary professions are changing in Mists, so it is possible that stacking "160" mastery would be better then "80" agility or intellect for a given class. As such, the safe bet would be BS/JC, which allows you to stack any stat rather than just the primary stats.

Alchemy is one of the best profession for Monk in Mists of Panaria Every player across WoW, no matter their class, race, or play style will find that at one time or another they will want to load up on some buffs to help boost their characters DPS or healing abilities. This can easily be accomplished with the Alchemy profession which provides players with various potions, elixirs, and flasks that boost various stats. The Monk will find this especially useful as they level up, making quests easier and dungeons run smoother as they head towards level 85.

However, the difference in power between primary stats and twice the secondary stats shouldn't be that significant in the grand scheme of things. Personally, I am planning on herbalism / inscription, eventually dropping herbalism for engineering (panda with calligraphy and fireworks). Though the safest bet is to level with herbalism and mining until 90.

What’s the best Race for a Monk?
Choosing the right race will help players saving  more time on farming Wow Pandaria gold, why? will tell players the reason there. There are a huge number of options available here as you can play as any race other than Goblin or Worgen. Probably the best choice however would be the Monks primary race, the Pandaren. If for no other reason than they look extremely cool. If you want a real reason, since you will need to level to 90 it will take a while, and Pandaren have a racial bonus called Inner Peace that allows their rested experience bonus to last twice as long.
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