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Explain the concept of communication

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And the diffrence between interpesonal and intrapersonal.
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Communications is all about the
giving, receiving, processing and
interpretation of information.
Intrapersonal: Existing or
occurring within the individual
self or mind
Interpersonal: Existing or
occurring between persons
The difference is found in the
prefixes of the words. Inter-
means "between" or "among."
The word "international" means
"occurring between nations."
For something to be
interpersonal, it occurs
between two or more people.
The prefix intra-, on the other
hand, refers to that which
occurs within something.
Intraocular (one of the few
examples I could find of a word
beginning with this prefix),
refers to anything located or
occurring within the eye. For
something to be intrapersonal,
it must happen within one
Intrapersonal communication is,
communication with one'
self. Like when we sometimes
think in our mind what to say
and how to say before
speaking. Whereas
Interpersonal communication is
the communication between
two people when they share
their views or discuss some
topic amongst themselves. Its
very easy to rememeber like
we say interclass competion(in
schools) means amongst two
classes so intercommunication is
amongst two people.
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Communication is the activity of
conveying meaningful
information. Communication
requires a sender, a message, and
an intended recipient, although
the receiver need not be present
or aware of the sender's intent to
communicate at the time of
communication; thus
communication can occur across
vast distances in time and space.
Communication requires that the
communicating parties share an
area of communicative
commonality. The communication
process is complete once the
receiver has understood the
message of the sender.
answered 3 years ago by Danke5557 (16,680 points)

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