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Best Healer for Mist of Pandaria in Wow Patch 5.0.4

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No matter we are tanking or raiding in world of warcraft, we need healers in our group to make sure that we can get the treatment once we get hurt. Healing class in world of warcraft plays a very important role in the game; many people are wondering that what the best healer is for mists of pandaria in wow patch 5.0.4, today in we are going to talk about this question.
In the Support Heal and AoE Heal you can choose shaman as your mists of pandaria class. Earthshild about the Tank and Heal the DDs and Healer with his AoE Heal. Shamans are wonderful supports with her Totems and Bloodlust/Herocism. Great in the two raid/group situations have chain so can take somewhat of the hit. They really do not say too much downside to them. In the PvP healing class, the paladins can be a very good choice for you in mists of Pandaria’s far as PVE goes all courses are quite good. Before the CoH nerf and WG nerf it was probably Druids and Priests, but now it is quite much even once the person knows how to play. a great Druid healer will fall into Bear type and off-tank when he/she gets aggro. Ret Pallies are very good with Mana as well if they have Replenishment.
Druid is also a very good healing class in mists of pandaria. It is very good for keeping the raid topped off, never really much on if they are very good in party heroics, or PvP. Perfekt Hots. HoTs the He help them Pala since the Tank can lengthier lifestyle and Pala possess the ability to cast Great Heal. Druids can heal, and do many other things. This can be considered a type for those that don’t know exactly what they want. If you are confused, go forward and play a druid. If you are good at soloing in wow, Druid can be a good choice. If you like getting short queues, a high demand in raid spots and vacuuming up off spec gear that other people still need, then I'd be surprised if you didn't have a druid already! Druids have the amazing trait of you casting one heal on a person, and they keep getting healed! How cool is that?!
If you love working far too hard, then the Holy Priest is for you! It has exciting class features such as planning ahead and carefully lining up awkward abilities to optimize their efficiency and barely stay mana neutral - only for you to lose it all in the span of ten seconds anyway! Monk healers do pretty good spread healing with renewing Mists of Pandaria, and their revival, their big CD, is basically a pretty decent AoE lay on hands that dispel everyone. Overall it feels pretty fluid with good single target to get wow gold burst healing and AoE coverage.
Shamans are doing okay for 25 mans. In an operational definition, is below druids. Shamans are fine but you are never gonna be the first in hps EVER, at least if the other healers are not horrible. That's because their mastery, only when things are going bad you are overpowered and (with the same ability as the other healers) you are gonna be the best choice to heal your raid.
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