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What is the full meaning of MTN?

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I know the meaning of NITEL, NTA, ATM, but i don't know the meaning of MTN. Can some one help me?.
asked 2 years ago in Mobile Phones by Nancy Joy (660 points)

4 Answers

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NITEL-Nigeria Telecommunications  
MTN-Maritime Telecommunications Network
NTA-Nigeria Television Authority
ATM-Automated Teller Machine    
   i guess i have helped a bit!
answered 2 years ago by Danke5557 (16,660 points)
Mobile, telecommunication, of nigeria
Yeah another company commonly called MTN having her headquaters in South Africa which is the leading telecommunications service in Africa Mobile Telecommunications Network
is a global network providing network access. @Rasaq, is not just in Nigeria ok. thanx for your contribution
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The full meaning of MTN is Mobile Telephone Network.
answered 2 years ago by professor (2,810 points)
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MTN > Mobile Telephone Network
answered 2 years ago by stanquest (280 points)
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Visit, it will answer all your questions about abbreviations and the full meaning
answered 2 years ago by Owenie (150 points)

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