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MOP Patch 5.3 - The Best Wow Gold Making Professions

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I was considering maxing out herbalism and mining on one of my toons in preparation for MoP but in the meantime I was thinking of using the mats to level inscription/jc/alchemy on some alts. Are there any major profitable professions that I'm missing out on here?

Also any general gold making tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Many players are interested in the World of Warcraft news, especially patch 5.3 news. Players can now unlearn profession specialization without unlearning. Seeing as patch 5.3 will be all about Transmogrification and professions. Today, we will talk about the best wow gold making professions in world of warcraft patch 5.3.

Alchemy is probably the best crafting profession to have because it is the crafting profession that is most like the conversion professions. For one the ability to switch between being a transmutation, elixir, or potion specialist for 150 wow gold gives alchemists the ability to get the most out of whichever area is most profitable and to switch markets when the profitability of the markets change. In addition alchemist's ability to transmute gives them the ability to produce materials in a manner just shy of converting. Lastly the world of warcraft gold per hour with alchemy is generally steady and good. Doing a few transmutes takes virtually no time and can consistently bring in a bit of wow gold.

Inscriptions can make/sell inks or glyphs; jewelcrafters can make/sell raw or cut gems; andenchanters can make/sell enchanting mats or scrolls. People who have both Jewelcrafting and Enchanting though can "shuffle". Shuffling is the process of being able to go through a multi-step conversion that can convert ore into enchanting scrolls.

Tailoring has a slight advantage over leatherworking and blacksmithing. Like those professions tailoring generally has a few high level recipes that can be made for a profit along with bags made at various levels that will always sell well. The one advantage tailoring has is the ability to create bolts of cloth and cloth with a cooldown.

Engineering would be the most enjoyable Warcraft Gold making profession, it is also generally the worst one in terms of wow gold making. It is very expensive to level and almost all of the items you craft can only be used by engineers.

Leatherworking and Blacksmithing are pretty much equal to each other in terms of wow gold making. Generally both professions will have a few high level recipes that can be crafted for a profit along with a few other items (such as belt buckles and leg armors) that will bring in money. Which one is more profitable will depend on the patch and your server.

The best gold making tip I have is to try your best not to spend any. I realized that I was saving up tons of money just from regular things (dungeons, raids, etc.) because I wasn't buying pets or transmog outfits I was never going to use, etc. I still buy gems/enchant materials and whatnot but upgrades for me are few and far between at this point.

For what is the best professions, it depend on you. Every professions have it's single advantages and disadvantaged, once you find the most suitable one profession, you won't worry about the shortage of Safe wow gold, keep playing.

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