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How can one be a patriotic citizen and what are the qualities of a good citizen

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asked 3 years ago in Environment by Michael Akhimien (120 points)

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Patriotism is when you are loyal to your country by not stealing what will benefit everybody for yourself alone, by always thinking of the best way to help the country and not just thinking of yourself.  Honesty is a very important quality in good citizenship.  If the rich in the country are not selfish, they will ultimately enjoy the benefits of their selflessness.  Look at the roads, does that mean that the rich people do not ply those roads or the electricity problems do not affect them?  If the schools and hospitals in the country are good, how many rich people will send their children abroad to study or go for medical treatment abroad?  All these things could be improved with 20% of the money that they use abroad.  So, where is the benefit in all their efforts?  A lot of them end up dying after spending so much money for healthcare abroad and most of their children end up joining the wrong crowd because of loneliness and no supervision abroad.  You also have to be God fearing to be a good citizen.  Consider the Police that is supposed to secure the country, no conscience whatsoever.  You want to tell me that the Supervisors do not know what is going on or that they cannot clean up the system of bribery and corruption which is done in open air on the streets, at the ports of entry etc.  The worst part is that people have given up and the police/customs/immigration (to mention a few) think it is their birthright to receive the bribe.  If everybody take their jobs seriously and consider the other person, then we will all qualify as good citizens.
answered 3 years ago by Mary Onisemo (160 points)
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For one to be a petrotic citizen, the person must be law abiding,honest,loyal and transparent.
answered 3 years ago by Ugo Odoemenam (2,070 points)
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A good patriotic is alien is one who loves his country & ave the need of achievement.also you must obey law & order.
answered 2 years ago by Yakubu aliyu (16,940 points)

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