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What can we do to raise the standard of education which is falling at a geometrical rate in Nigeria?

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1. Examination malpractices at all levels of education.
2. No good equipment and apparatus for science practicals and other research.
3. Most teachers and or lecturers are just 'certificated' they are neither certified nor satisfied when it comes to imparting knowledge.
asked 3 years ago in Education by Olanrewaju Ayoola Og (190 points)

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"Educational Revolution" is the way forward to our educational sector.
answered 3 years ago by Parlvyke1 (350 points)
1. All our teachers need to be encouraged to get better-not because they are not good enough but because they can even be better.  2. teachers need to raise students' test scores by teaching for deeper understanding through the use of embedded formative assessment regularly in each class session. 3. we need to ensure that there is at least two weeks revision before tests and exams. 4. reading and spelling should be an integral part of basic education curriculum.U can reach us at
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Anyway there is no doubt about what you have said that our education sector in Nigeria is deteroriating day after day...anyway on my own point,i can partly blame the situation on the part of some student who has lackadiasically disregard their own role in learning and reading...some students dont find time to go beyond the notes given to them by their teachers
answered 3 years ago by Danke5557 (16,680 points) 1 flag
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Our educational structure need to be worked on; every body needs education even the teacher, to update them with modern teaching techniques. There also should be legislation to support learning; it should be mandatory for every child to be sent to school. And finally basic education should be free nation wide. If Nigeria work on these three foundation for a start, there is no level of sophistication we cannot reach.
answered 3 years ago by Ebi Bonnie (140 points)
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Our current system of education has failed...we should change this system that is not favouring us instead of being doggedly attached to a failing system.

We can either sit down and design the kind of system that suits us or we can adapt a developed country's system of education that works.
answered 3 years ago by Tosine12 (140 points)
The only solution to this is to severely deal with anyone caught in the act of malpractice. Teachers, Lecturers and examination officers are not exempted as they are seriously involved in collectingh bribes from these very funny students. They forget that these same people may teach their own children or work in their own firm later. What goes around comes around.
I think men make rules and they still break to mend it.The solution of our education still lies in our hands, both the leaders and youth, most especially the leaders.It becomes too annoying to see goverment allocating 100% to a sector, the same govt does not spend  even 30% in that sector,but it claims it has spent it. How then do we move forward ?when teachers welfare is nothing to write home about.I think the perfect solution is for our leaders to be sincere to themselves by being discipline, which every person working under must follow or leave.After all formal education is not meant for every body. Another factor is discrimination of certificate, it is only in Nigeria people will tell you his from state university or fedral, yabatech or unical, you see people discriminating diffrent schools as a result every body wants to be in the university instead of polytechnic or college of education.I think it's high time we know that education is not meant for every body so that everyone finding his or her self in the educational sector especially in the area of Accademics  will sit up to bring true and sound education to this country.
education is meant for all,be it
academically or morally,to be educated is not all about passing school exams is universal.
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if at all Nigeria needed to be librated from substandard education, Nigeria should go back or practice what is called a balanced education, that is ANDROGOGICAL System of Education
answered 3 years ago by awo (130 points) 2 flags
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answered 3 years ago by UNIC CONCEPT (1,990 points) 1 flag
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lack of sustainability
answered 3 years ago by Davoski (250 points)
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First of all the teachers standard of education must be considered. They should be encouraged financially and they must be well deciplined. On the side of the students punctuality,examination malpractice,sorthing  must be avioded so the standard of education in Nigeria will be high.
answered 3 years ago by Agobuike Martins (2,200 points)
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We need to work on the teachers inorder to inbibe dicipline into the student and also see to it that corruption is minimized
answered 3 years ago by Gloria (360 points)
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The answer is not far fetched. What is the purpose of education? Job? Thats crazy!
We've almost forgotten the true essence of education-for enlightenment on how we can materialise our dreams(on what we love doing) whilst been informed of the status of our immediate environment.
Hewlett packard has a thing for electronics from a tender age. If he's studied medicine would there be the grand HP ICT organisation?
We tend to excel beyond expectation when we do things we've always wanted to do.
The dogmatic nature of our educational system gives room for malpractice- how many students can give a good reason why they study maths? Is a compulsory subject thats all. isn't it? The system have a terrible assessment scheme-expecting a straight line graph. I wonder what kind of data our guidance counsellors work with (if they still exist).
We study for employment rather than empowerment.

Mr. A. Teaches cos he's so obsessed with the dream of grooming students to become great people. On the other hand,
Mr. B. Teaches cos there is no other way he's been able to figure out on how to fend for his family.

You see, there is this psychological thing about teachers- graduates who were not accepted by industries and organisations due to their results, students who went to college of education cos their jamb score was'nt high enough, bla bla bla. Do you notice same?

Most private school owners take advantage of them based on this assertions.
How about ministers of education who have no relative or offspring in a Nigerian school. Have they anything to lose if the system is not working?
I think i should stop here - its really a crazy country.
answered 1 year ago by rudafe (470 points)
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answered 1 year ago by zhongyikuangjiyj (23,520 points)
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Second, improve the coal cutter, that is, in the original 360 ° 360 ° circumferential reamer plane diagonal azimuth,<a href="">River Gravel Sand Making Machine</a>
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answered 1 year ago by dongfang (6,410 points)
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