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My husband comes home late almost everyday. And it has been causing a lot of problems in my marriage.What do I do?

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asked 3 years ago in Family by olymurphy (180 points)

4 Answers

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I suggest letting him know that him coming home late everyday is making you uncomfortable. If it is possible, you all can compromise on a decent time for him to come home. If he is honest and coming home late due to his job, you must try to compromise with him! How long has he been coming home late?
answered 3 years ago by Faye (7,550 points)
Never look back unless u want to go that way.
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a times men will start behaving some how all i want to tell u is that prayer is the key to every problem stop fighting him whenever he come back try to hold urself show a little love give him water to bath give him food after he finish eatin clear d table then u go to ur bed don't ask him qusion or nagg at him.  make sure u keep ur home clean wash his cloth n his inner wear dress actractive wears show him dat u care ,love him make time for him buy gift for him. al dis wit ur pray i promise he will change
answered 3 years ago by 2k4u (920 points)
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2k4u has said it all. In addition, try to seek for the reason why is always coming late but do not nag him ok. Incase u 've done that and he continues. Try to be romantic and loving to him in all ramafication and don't forget the power of prayer. Goodluck!
answered 3 years ago by Stanley Okonedo (44,080 points)
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There is no relationship without ups and down. When it is down, there are three three options: (1) to quit, (2) to just remain in it and (3) to keep loving your husband. Often, as they say, ''After dark stormy night, comes a glorius dawn.''

James Hardly Chase, wrote in one of his books, ''obstacles are made to surmount.'' With this in mind, you need to concentrate on one goal, that is getting positive solution. And the best way to get solution is through prayer. May God restore harmony in your home.
answered 3 years ago by joemicholair (37,420 points)
A point l forgot to add is, check yourself to know if you are part of the cause why he stays out late than usual. You know it takes two to fight. Check yourself and see if you still do those exotic things that kept the fire of love brightly burning when you were courting. lf there is need for corrections, try to do them better.

l have only given answer according to partern of matters relating to what you said, which is he might be dating another woman. lf this happened to be the truth, staying calm is your best tool in walking out solution according to the above.

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