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What is d solution to unemployment in Nigeria?

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Because unemployment is d fear of undergraduates.
asked 3 years ago in Politics by Sampsonm2 (160 points) 1 flag

4 Answers

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It is pathetic that our institutions of higher learning don't produce entrepreneurs in high rate. When an economy has a large population of literates with industrial minds coupled with enabling business environments will bring about a multiplier effect on the GDP. In our case, we have entrepreneurs but are mostly illiterates. Who only know buying and selling without the knowledge of even documents used in buying and selling.

For unemployment to be reduced, the government should provide the enabling environment for small and medium scale businesses to thrive. Give room for massive establishment of industries and much more
answered 3 years ago by ikuku (1,480 points)
I think the problem of unemployment is not just from our higher institution of learning. We must be ready to also check the retirement age of our working class citizens. It may interest you to know that some retired workers are employed a second time instead of going to invest in a business and give the younger once who jusr graduated the opportunities to be employed. The retirement age should be streamlined. Moreso, we must be ready to check the grass-root. The kind of graduates produced from our universities these days is nothing to write home about. How can a graduate of Accounting not be able to plot a single column cash book? What do you say about a graduate teacher who cannot write a lesson note? What do you also say of a Chemist who do not know what enzymes are? I can tell you that these set of people would definitely remain unemployed because it is obvious they cannot fit into any area. Specialization is also important that we take into cognizance. If you read Agricultural Science, go to your area of specialization instead of working in the Bank. This way, we can make things work. Government can also help these jobless youths to join the police and Army instead of becoming nuisance in society. Industries must also be built in states.
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the govt now is not for the people it for them self so people should do something for there self now
answered 3 years ago by berryparis (12,060 points)
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Huge investment in enterpreneural development will go a long to solving unemployment.
answered 3 years ago by Stanley Okonedo (44,080 points)
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We need to be creative & productive.
answered 3 years ago by Yakubu aliyu (16,940 points)

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